Rock Star Cookies & Catering

Summer 2017

Check out our new Gallery and enjoy a feast for the eyes! 

Rock Star Cookies have made their way to the website as well! Click on Sweets for a current list of cookie awesomeness.

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Our ready to heat meals have become such a popular request, we now offer our customizable meals as a regular feature!  

They make a great gift for new parents, friends and  family looking for nutritional handmade meals, or anyone who loves to eat! 

Now taking orders for heat and eat meals, hand-crafted with love by Chef Amanda Morris. Call or email now to find out more.




1.   nickname for Chef Amanda Morris

2.  a gourmet catering & sweets company owned and operated by Chef  "AmandaCakes" Morris, specializing in exceptional handmade fare for every occasion.

3.  a rock star chef, artist, & baker extraordinaire living undercover as a wild mannered caterer in her hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio

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