Rock Star Cookies     $20 per baker's dozen

The OG Brownie 

~ The oldest of old school & where it all began.  Killer fudge brownies are topped with thick chocolate fudge icing...serious business for the serious chocolate lover. 

The Potato Chip Cookie

~ Sweet & salty, crispy & chewy...they're a bit of everything.  The original have an edge rolled in Ghiradelli chocolate.  Our purist fans wanted them without chocolate, so they come naked too...most people enjoy a mix of both!

The Best Lemon Cookie

~ Luscious, lemony, & lovely!  Thick lemon cornmeal wafers are topped with fresh lemon icing & fresh candied lemon much lemony love.

Cinnamon Acorns

 ~ 2 beautiful cinnamon butter cookies are sandwiched with apricot & finished with cinnamon icing.  The cinnamon is strong with this one!

Blackberry Walnut Shortbread

~ Toasted walnut thumbprints are filled with blackberry & dusted with powdered sugar. 

Peanut Butter Hug'n Kisses

~ Peanut butter cookies are filled with mini Reece's cups & dipped in Ghiradelli chocolate...yum.

Bissie Bars

~ A much loved nutty bar cookie that's soft & chewy...they're dusted with powdered sugar & totally addictive, so there's that.

Cranstashio Pinwheels  

~A light orange dough is filled with cranberries & roasted pistachios, then finished with a swirl of orange icing & edible glitter.


~ A melt in your mouth pecan shortbread rolled in powdered sugar.

Pot's of Gold

~ Peanut butter "pots" are filled with butterscotch then dipped in & finished with drizzles of Ghiradelli chocolate.

Clothespin Cookies aka Lady locks     $26 / Baker's dozen

~ Similar to a cream horn; these are the newest addition to the tray & they are totally worthy!  The original are vanilla with vanilla buttercream, the newest are chocolate with cinnamon buttercream, & both are dusted with powdered sugar.

Decorated Brown Sugar Cut Outs    $36 / Baker's dozen

~ Delicious shortbread is the base for these decorated cut out cookies.  

These indulge our love of whimsy.


Stuffed Cheesecakes

  Stuffed Cheesecakes are an original creation of AmandaCakes!
Most cheesecakes have only a swirl of flavor or goodies sprinkled on top.  These special beauties take cheesecake to the next level with     to make a more complex & unique cheesecake experience.  There is no air whipped into Stuffed Cheesecakes; they are dense, intense & made with all the best stuff.   They're perfect for cheesecake lovers who appreciate something more!

6”- serves 8-12  $30    10’ ~ 16 cut  $60

Turtle  ~ the most popular stuffed's turtle-licious!

Butter Brickle

Salted Caramel Mocha
Double Chocolate
Mounds~ just like the candy bar with an Oreo crust

Almond Joy
Chocolate Strawberry
Bissie Bar ~ Our popular cookie gets Stuffed!

Cherry Cordial
Apple Cheddar ~ Apple pie is best topped with a slice of cheese, so it only made
sense to stuff sharp cheddar into apple cheesecake!

Other fantastic sweets

Chocolate Dacquoise

    Layers of baked chocolate almond meringues are brushed with  simple syrup, & filled with mocha ganache, & French chocolate buttercream.  Then it’s covered with more buttercream, & toasted almonds & served with chocolate sauce & fresh berries

AmandaCakes Party Cake
~ Scratch white pound type cake is brushed with almond syrup, iced with ivory tinted French buttercream & decorated in an elegant free form lace design

Fresh Lemon Cake

~ Fresh lemon cake is brushed with lemon syrup & iced with fresh lemon buttercream

German Chocolate Cake

French Toast Casserole           $24
~ Great for breakfast & brunch or serve for dessert with fresh berries & whipped cream.  Most people order an extra pan or 2 for leftovers!

Mom’s Rum Cake                     $16/loaf   $32/bundt cake

~ A family favorite!  Moist rum pound cake is glazed with rum sugar

Manda’s Carrot Cake                $40
    A 1/4 sheet of dense, moist cake with a thick layer of cream cheese icing

Deep dish cookies                     5 each
  Cookies in a “deep dish", ready to warm & top with your favorite ice cream!

~ The Potato Chip, Chocolate chip, peanut butter, cashew brickle

Morning sweets           
~ Pumpkin bread with a ginger glaze

~ Banana bread with cream cheese icing     

~ Cinnamon streusel coffee cake


Rock Star Cookies & Catering

Vegan Sweets


Cherry or berry almond cookies
~ available gluten free

Mocha cinnamon espresso cookies

The Best Lemon Cookie
~ the mega popular lemon cookie gets veganized

Chocolate candy cane cookies

Other Sweet Stuff

Toasted coconut chocolate cupcakes with coffee "futtercream"

"Futtercream cakes"
~ Layer, party, or cupcakes iced with vegan "buttercream"
   ~ Vanilla, double chocolate, fresh strawberry, fresh lemon

Cinnamon streusel coffee cake
~ available gluten free

The Best Peanut butter fudge ~ vegan & gluten free
~ The best 

More Gluten free option are on the way!


Rock Star Sweets